National Gathering of Wind Farm Protest Groups

Tuesday April 12th - Saddleworth Hotel
Huddersfield Road (A62) Delph, OL3 5LX
Organised by Saddleworth Moors Action Group in Association with Country Guardian

c/o Ken Hulme, 28 Sevenacres Delph, Saddleworth OL3 5HU

01457 872859 Email

Press Release 8/4/2005Immediate

Saddleworth Gathering calls for scrapping of Government renewable electricity targets

Addressing the second gathering of Wind Farm Protest Groups at Saddleworth on Tuesday April 12th, Dr Mike Hall will call for the scrapping of the Government’s Renewable electricity targets and their replacement by local emissions reduction targets. He will also highlight the abject failure of Government’s policy of deploying wind farms to provide electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In refuting many of the Wind Energy Industries claims for Wind Power Dr Hall a founding Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation said:

‘For electricity, evidence from Ofgem and the Department of Trade and Industry shows that UK wind farms deliver less than one quarter of their full capacity – just 24.1% in 2003. So, for every 100 turbines erected you get the electricity equivalent of just 25 of them. To add insult to injury, the power produced is not available on demand, is unreliable and is unpredictable’.

The situation is little better with regard to reducing CO2 emissions.

‘The level of savings in CO2 emissions from wind farms accepted by Government for 2005 (0.43 tonnes/megawatt hour) is only half of that claimed by the wind industry. By 2010 this will have fallen even further to just 0.27 tonnes per megawatt hour of electricity produced – over three times less than the wind industry currently claim’.

Taken together, these two facts mean that wind farms are marginal contributors of electricity and can do little to address the issue of CO2 emissions. Far better approaches are available.

Dr Hall further added;‘Whether or not CO2 is responsible for climate change, it would be prudent to use precious fuel resources with care and reduce emissions. This would be better achieved by shifting targets away from generating renewables electricity, towards targets for reducing CO2. If applied Regionally, this would open up a range of practical possibilities such as efficiency schemes, local incentives and renewable energy alternatives.

Most importantly it could create a strong sense of local participation and responsibility – the exact opposite of the divisive, pointless, and widespread plunder of the British countryside being perpetrated by the UK wind industry today’.

Scores of activists from Wind Farm Protest Groups throughout the United Kingdom will be attending the gathering. Other speakers include: Professor David Bellamy and Sir Bernard Ingham.


Biographical note:

Dr Mike Hall, a graduate in biosciences and physics, completed a PhD in Microbiological Chemistry in University College, Swansea. He had a career in university lecturing and the pharmaceutical industry. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 1985 and a Fellow of the Institute of Biology in 1990 for services to chemistry and biology respectively and is a Chartered Chemist and a Chartered Biologist. He has had a life-long interest in the countryside and natural history. He is Vice-Chairman of FELLS and was also a founder Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation Ltd, Registered Charity No. 1107360 where his involvement is mainly technical.

For further information contact Ken Hulme 01457 872859

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